Key thematic research areas

The building of the research infrastructure involves an interdisciplinary approach combining European integration studies with digital technologies. The teams are constantly improving the research infrastructure, particularly by focusing on:

  • The development of novel forms of digital publication (ePublications);
  • The implementation of an enriched metadata model to ensure enhanced ease of use, searchability and semantic linking of resources;
  • The development of tools and techniques for the (re)presentation, visualisation and exploration of the Centre's ePublications (e.g. XML-TEI, social network analysis);
  • The development of tools enabling a personalised approach in accordance with user interests and needs.

Services and tools support the research process starting at document selection through to publication but they also play a significant role in the interaction with target audiences outside of the scientific domain, such as the teaching and life-long learning communities as well as society at large.

Within the research infrastructure, services and tools can be classified according to their function within 5 different domains, as shown in the diagram below: