Pierre Werner, Europe on the road to monetary union (Luxembourg, 28 February 1970)

On 28 February 1970, Pierre Werner, Luxembourg Minister of State, President of the Government and Finance Minister, submits a new version of the text entitled The outlook for European financial and monetary policy, originally published in January 1968. In this new version, he proposes a five-point action plan for the achievement by stages of economic and monetary union. This document is known as the Luxembourg plan for monetary integration, or the first Werner Plan.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Bulletin de documentation. dir. de publ. Service Information et Presse - Ministère d'Etat. 28.02.1970, n° 1; 26e année. Luxembourg. "L'Europe en route vers l'union monétaire", auteur:Werner, Pierre , p. 5-12.

Copyright: (c) Service Information et Presse du Gouvernement luxembourgeois

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