‘WEU is at a crucial point in its history' from the Lëtzebuerger Journal (16 September 2003)

The Luxembourg daily newspaper Lëtzebuerger Journal reports on the visit to Luxembourg by Marcel Glesener, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of Western European Union (WEU), on 15 September 2003. The article outlines the origins and aims of WEU, as well as the composition and the tasks of its Assembly, before considering Marcel Glesener’s arguments in favour of strengthening the role of the institution over which he presides.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Lëtzebuerger Journal. Politik, Finanzen & Gesellschaft. Herausgeber Roemen, Rob. 16.09.2003. Luxembourg: Editions Letzeburger Journal S.A.

Copyright: (c) Lëtzebuerger Journal

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