The CVCE at the International Conference of Editors of Diplomatic Documents

The Director of the CVCE, Marianne Backes, and Susana Muñoz, Head of European Integration Studies, recently took part in the 13th International Conference of Editors of Diplomatic Documents, which ran from 15 to 17 April 2015 at the George Marshall Conference Center at the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

Marianne Backes spoke at the ‘Digital Horizons’ round table on the opportunities and challenges raised by digital technologies in the CVCE’s work. She particularly looked at issues related to the development of ePublications, the CVCE’s Digital Toolbox, network analysis tools (such as Histograph) and XML-TEI editing as a pilot project in connection with the CVCE’s ongoing ‘Diplomacy within WEU’ project.

Susana Muñoz gave a presentation on the digital research infrastructure on European integration, a unique multinational publication model for diplomatic documents via its various thematic ePublications. She emphasised the value of these sources for research into European integration and cooperation, stressing the challenges involved in this complex cross-disciplinary work and the many opportunities presented by the CVCE’s innovative approach.

The conference was an opportunity to share experiences and new approaches with regard to the editing and publishing of diplomatic documents in a bid to strengthen cooperation within this international network composed of members from around 30 countries.