Workshop at Montclair State University: Mapping complexity in the social sciences

On 22 and 23 September, CVCE scientific collaborator Daniele Guido took part in the workshop ‘Mapping complexity in the social sciences’, held at Montclair State University (Montclair, New Jersey, United States), with Donato Ricci, a researcher and Lead Designer at the Medialab Sciences Po in Paris.

The two-day workshop, organised by Arnaud Kurze, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies at Montclair University, was attended by several researchers and students from a range of different departments (Law, Linguistics, Anthropology and Business) who are interested in the integration of digital methods and the visualisation of data sets in their respective research fields.

Daniele also presented the latest version of histoGraph during a more general discussion on the exploration of historical archives and the issues related to the extraction of named entities from text documents.