The CVCE takes part in the Jean Monnet Conference 2015

Susana Muñoz, Head of European Integration Studies, took part in the Jean Monnet Conference 2015 with her contribution entitled ‘Digital innovation as a tool for education in fundamental European values’. This year’s conference, held in Brussels on 9 and 10 November 2015, focused on the topic ‘A Union of shared values — the role of education and civil society’.

The conference, organised by the European Commission in connection with the Jean Monnet Community (Erasmus+ programme), was a forum for valuable contributions and fruitful discussions. The open, thought-provoking atmosphere encouraged the exchange of ideas among participants and the exploration of new avenues, including the significant potential of the enhanced ePublications and tools available on In her contribution, Susana Muñoz focused on the cross-cutting approach to the EU’s values in the ‘European integration studies’ collection and especially the ‘Oral history of European integration’ collection. The Digital Toolbox with its ‘MyPublications tool’ and the CVCE Europa Quiz were also identified as useful instruments for teaching and knowledge transfer activities. With these outputs, the CVCE can help contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and issues surrounding European integration and its fundamental values.

See the programme here.


Photo: European Commission