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Would you like to collect resources for your own research, prepare teaching material or even write your own study guides that you can share with colleagues and friends or publish online? Imagine if you could easily create publications that combine your own texts and notes with key documents such as transcripts of speeches, cartoons or photographs, meeting minutes or interviews with stakeholders in the European integration process — all of this by building on the high-quality and fully-licensed resources of, with the option of publishing your work as part of the CVCE research infrastructure and contributing content to an international audience. 

Welcome to MyPublications! MyPublications is the first instalment of the Digital Toolbox on The Digital Toolbox enables users to re-use or customise the resources of for their own purposes. In the case of MyPublications it allows you to create personally curated collections of resources available on alongside your own text, thoughts, ideas and critical analysis. The tool has been designed to ease the burden of copyright management, digitisation and preservation by supporting the full workflow of designing and publishing online: from selecting and organising content to structuring and annotating units and resources, authoring new texts and sharing and publishing the final publication.

Once you have logged in to the toolbox you can search for and identify resources and add them to your personal selection. Building on this selection, which can be extended and modified at any time, you can create a new publication using the MyPublications tool. You might like to start off by selecting a cover picture, providing a short description, choosing a title and setting the language. You can then build the structure of the publication by adding sections and organising resources from in each section. You are also free to add your own introductions and captions. When you have finished you can view the publication in a slideshow mode, a simple interface that allows you to see the resources in sequence. You can even share your publications with colleagues, peers and friends by copying a link. Finally, you can open up your work to an international audience of users on by publishing it on our research infrastructure. 

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