Teaching about Europe with CVCE.eu at the Training Institute of the Ministry of Education

On 24 November 2015, the CVCE led a first training session at the Training Institute of the Ministry of Education — eduPôle Walferdange — entitled ‘Teaching about Europe: digital resources and tools’, geared towards teachers in Luxembourg. The aim was to help improve knowledge of the European integration process, particularly the European Union, its history, institutions, operation, symbols and key figures.

More than 60 teachers signed up for the course. A dedicated team from the CVCE’s European Integration Studies Department — Susana Muñoz, Frédéric Allemand, Marco Gabellini and Victoria Mouton — introduced the participants to the many possibilities for using digital media in teaching based on the previously unpublished resources and digital tools available on the CVCE website.

They focused on the CVCE’s ePublications, the wide range of topics and resources featured on the website and the ‘MyPublications’ tool available in the CVCE’s Digital Toolbox, which enables users to reuse, customise and share the resources on CVCE.eu and to use them in the classroom.

A further training session will be held in January 2016.