A Luxembourg public undertaking

The CVCE was set up by the Law of 7 August 2002 as a Luxembourg-based public undertaking supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. The Centre has legal personality and enjoys scientific, administrative and financial autonomy. In addition to a government grant, the CVCE supplements its funding by own resources, particularly from national and European competitive programmes.

It is based at the Château de Sanem in southern Luxembourg.

A multi-year agreement between the government and the CVCE sets a series of targets and performance indicators that the Centre undertakes to achieve in return for state funding. The application of the strategy for any given period is set out in an implementation plan.

To prepare the CVCE for the challenges it will face over the coming years in a constantly evolving technological and scientific environment, the Board of Governors adopted a Mission Statement for the Centre in July 2013 and its strategy in December 2014.

The strategic guidelines for the 2014–2017 period are the result of joint discussions between the Ministry of Research and the CVCE’s governing bodies.


Governing bodies

The CVCE is administered by a Board of Governors that sets the Centre’s general policy. It is assisted by a Committee of Experts composed of eminent figures from the ranks of academia and the various other fields related to the Centre’s activities. The Committee of Experts helps guarantee the academic quality and progress of the Centre’s work.

Marianne Backes is the founder and Director of the Centre. She is assisted by a Management Committee composed of Susana Muñoz (European integration studies), Isabelle Voegeli (Communication), Hervé Muller (Administration and finance) and Lars Wieneke (IT).


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