Our mission

The Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE) is a Luxembourg-based public undertaking whose mission is:

  • to contribute to a deeper understanding of the European integration process from a historical, legal, political and economic perspective;
  • to develop an open digital ecosystem for European integration studies using innovative ICT technologies.

To achieve this mission, the CVCE is developing a dedicated digital research infrastructure on European integration (CVCE.eu).


Our work

Within its research infrastructure, the CVCE creates and disseminates digital publications and enhanced research data on the European integration process, and develops innovative ICT-based tools and services for its user communities.

The Centre builds a dedicated collaborative space used by researchers in European studies and digital humanities as well as experts in information management, multimedia production, digital editing and digital publishing thus crossing disciplinary and sectorial boundaries. This innovative, integrated approach enables the exploration of new research questions and the development of new analysis and publication methods whilst at the same time creating a robust, reliable and sustainable research infrastructure. It gives the CVCE a unique position at national and international level.


Our contribution

Through its work on the digital research infrastructure CVCE.eu, the Centre is able to address  societal challenges in Luxembourg and Europe in two fields with a high development potential :

  • Research into the European integration process, its successes and crises, in a bid to achieve a deeper understanding and shed new light on its past, present and future prospects
  • Harnessing the potential of the rapidly developing information and knowledge society at both scientific and societal level


Our target groups and our partners

The CVCE’s research is geared towards the research and teaching communities and is accessible to society at large.

We adopt a collaborative approach for our work. We are therefore involved in various consortiums, particularly for European research programmes, and we also develop national and international partnerships, host visiting researchers and interact with user communities in the fields of research and teaching.


Further information:

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