Memorandum from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs on European integration (11 December 1952)

On 11 December 1952, referring to the plan for a European Political Community (EPC), Johan Willem Beyen, Netherlands Minister for Foreign Affairs, sends his European colleagues a memorandum in which he proposes the establishment of a tariff community that would lead to the gradual abolition of all customs duties on imports and to the introduction of a common external tariff.

Source and copyright

Source: HARRYVAN, A.G.; VAN DER HARST, J. (Ed.). Documents on European Union, Edited and translated by A.G. Harryvan and J. van der Harst, University Lecturers, Department of International Relations and Organisations, University of Groningen. Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1997. p. 71-74.

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