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The collection ‘Historical events’ presents in chronological order the milestones along the path towards European integration from the end of the Second World War to 2009.

The aim is to provide accurate information for research and education purposes that gives the fullest possible insight into the history of a united Europe. Far from focusing purely on the European Communities and European Union, the ‘Historical events’ section strives to cover all the major regional and subregional initiatives for political, economic, social, military, scientific and cultural integration and unification among the countries of Europe.

The significant events in the history of European integration are illustrated by introductory texts and material from a variety of sources. Official publications, documents from public and private archives, extracts from the memoirs of witnesses or major players in European integration, topical compositions, press articles, opinion polls, photographs, film recordings, audiovisual archives, cartoons, graphs and statistical data all help provide a greater understanding of the many aspects of the European unification process. Original interviews conducted by the CVCE offer new audio resources that take users right to the heart of events.

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