Communication from the Commission on a new framework for relations with our Eastern and Southern Neighbours (Brussels, 11 March 2003)

Communication issued by the European Commission on 11 March 2003 with a view to the 2004 enlargement. The Commission sees the greater political and economic interdependence that will result from this enlargement as a means to encourage stability, security and sustainable development. It advocates the development of a ‘ring of friends’ who are bound together by ‘close, peaceful and co-operative relations’. This Communication also tackles the question of EU neighbours with no immediate prospect of becoming members.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: European Commission. Communication From the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament, Wider Europe-Neighbourhood: A New Framework for relations with our Eastern and Southern Neighbours, COM (2003) 104 final. Brussels: 11.3.2003. 25 p.

Copyright: European Union

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