Cooperation theme 10: Security (27 June 2013)

Cooperation theme 10 on Security, adopted by the European Commission on 27 June 2013, updates and replaces the 2013 Work Programme adopted on 9 July 2012. This version adds to the indicative budget and amends the previous breakdown between activities. The objective of theme 10 remains the same, namely to help develop technologies and knowledge that can increase security for citizens and improve competitiveness for industry. The Security theme is divided into five sections: section I presents the general context; section II comprises all the topics for which proposals will be called in this work programme; section III includes the practical arrangements related to the calls; section IV focuses on actions that are not implemented through calls for proposals; and section V concerns the indicative budget.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: European Commission. Cooperation Theme 10: Security, Work Programme 2013, C (2013) 3953. 27.06.13. 106 p.

Copyright: European Union

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