Letter from Jacques Chirac and Helmut Kohl to John Bruton (Paris, Bonn, 9 December 1996)

On 9 December 1996, on the eve of the Dublin European Council, Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, and the German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, send a joint letter to John Bruton, Irish Prime Minister and President-in-Office of the European Council, in which they outline the political and institutional priorities of France and Germany in connection with the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) for the revision of the Treaty on European Union.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Nuremberg Franco-German Summit joint letter from M. Jacques Chirac, President of the republic, and M. Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor to M. John Bruton, President if the European council (Paris, Bonn, 9 December 1996. [ON-LINE]. [s.l.]: [05.06.2007]. Disponible sur http://www.ambafrance-us.org/news/statmnts/1997/germany/security.asp.

Copyright: (c) Ministère des Affaires étrangères de la République française

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