‘Spain fails in its attempt to dismantle the borders between the EC countries’ from El País (15 June 1993)

This article, published in the Spanish daily newspaper El País on 15 June 1993, reports on France’s decision to maintain border controls, primarily because Italy and Greece are unable to provide effective control at their external borders and the Netherlands seems disinterested in reducing drug trafficking. This decision by France jeopardises the free movement of people between Schengen countries, highlighting a lack of trust among European states despite the many measures taken to overcome national doubts and fears. The reappearance of de-bordering and re-bordering initiatives on the political agenda indicates the growing significance and relevance of borders for a so-called ‘borderless Europe’.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Cembrero, Ignacio, España fracasa en su intento de que países comunitarios desmantelen sus fronteras, en El País. 15.06.1993.

Copyright: (c) El País

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