The ‘empty chair crisis’ (Pathé, January 1966)

The Extraordinary EEC Council of Ministers, meeting in Luxembourg on 17 and 18 and on 28 and 29 January 1966, heeds France's calls for the implementation of the majority voting rule and the role of the European Commission. The ‘Luxembourg Compromise' reached by the Council brings to an end the ‘empty chair crisis' prevailing since 30 June 1965.

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Quelle: Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen, 24, rue du Docteur Bauer - F 93400.
Bâtir l'Europe (Marché commun)- Pathé Journal & R.C. [Prod.], Janvier 1966. Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen. - (03:58, Noir et blanc, Son original).

Copyright: (c) Pathé Archives

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