The model put forward by Heinrich Aigner (September 1973)

The European Parliament, and in particular its Committee on Budgets, carried out an extensive campaign to promote the establishment of a European Audit Office as a replacement for the Audit Board. The proposals put forward by Members of the European Parliament were set out in a document entitled 'The Case for a European Audit Office', drawn up by the Vice-President of the Committee on Budgets, Heinrich Aigner. In his introduction to this document, Aigner rejects, for the time being, the creation of an actual 'institution' of the European Communities and proposes, in the meantime, a model which could be set up on the basis of Article 206 of the EEC Treaty (new Article 276 of the EC Treaty) concerning the Audit Board.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: European Parliament. The case for a European Audit Office, Introduction by Heinrich Aigner, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Budgets. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, September 1973.

Copyright: (c) European Union, 1995-2012

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