Address given by Pierre Werner on the 15th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration (Luxembourg, 7 May 1965)

On 7 May 1965, on the 15th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, Pierre Werner, Luxembourg Minister of State and President of the Government, underlines the historic significance of the French Foreign Minister’s proposal, and emphasises the duty and the need to pursue his work.

Source and copyright

Source: Bulletin de documentation. dir. de publ. Service Information et Presse-Ministère d'Etat. 31.05.1965, n° 9. Luxembourg. "Allocution de Pierre Werner à l’occasion du 15ème anniversaire de la déclaration Schuman (Luxembourg, 7 mai 1965)", p. 14-17.

Copyright: (c) Service Information et Presse du Gouvernement luxembourgeois

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