Addresses by Paul-Henri Spaak and Guy Mollet on the EDC (Paris, 5 March 1954)

On 5 March 1954, French socialist politician Guy Mollet and Belgian socialist statesman Paul-Henri Spaak speak at a meeting held by the Mouvement Démocratique et Socialiste pour les États-Unis d’Europe (Democratic and Socialist Movement for the United States of Europe — MDSEUE) in Paris. Their addresses summarise their positions on the European Defence Community (EDC) and the EDC Treaty, especially regarding the creation of a European army, disarmament, the defence and security of Europe, and the integration and reunification of Germany. Both addresses reveal examples of overlapping initiatives and constraints on the path towards European integration.

Source and copyright

Source: Mouvement démocratique et socialiste pour les Etats-Unis d’Europe. P.-H. Spaak et Guy Mollet devant la C.E.D. Discours prononcés le 5 mars 1954, à la Salle des Horticulteurs à Paris, Historical Archives of the European Union 2013, Villa Salviati – via Bolognese 156, I-50139 Firenze – Italy, AD 000045, 05.03.1954, 41 p.

Copyright: Archives historiques de l'Union européenne

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