'Brejnev meets Brandt' by Jean Ferniot (RTL, 20 September 1971)

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On 20 September 1971, in his programme for RTL radio, the journalist, Jean Ferniot, considers the implications of political rapprochement between the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the Soviet Union.

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Source: Rencontre Brejnev-Brandt / Jean Ferniot.- Paris: RTL [Prod.], 20.09.1971. RTL, Paris. - SON (00:03:48, Montage, Son original).

Photo: Soviet Leader Leonid Ilich Brezhnev (L), walks in front of the West-German guards of honour with Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt (R) and the honour guard commander (C) as he arrived for a five days visit in Bonn, 18 May 1973. Bonn: Agence France Presse, 18/05/1973. Colour.

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