Cartoon by Köhler on the revival of European integration (2 December 1969)

‘EEC summit meeting — From up here on the butter mountain, we have a splendid view of the sugar mountain and the cereal range, and in the far distance we can just make out Great Britain.’ On 2 December 1969, as the Hague Summit takes place, German cartoonist Hanns Erich Köhler illustrates the various challenges facing the EEC Member States, including surplus production within the common agricultural policy (CAP) and the question of the United Kingdom’s accession to the EEC. Despite the obstacles ahead for the climbers, French President Georges Pompidou encourages Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt to continue climbing. The revival of European integration at the end of 1969 was largely thanks to an initiative by French President Georges Pompidou, who proposed that a European summit be held in the Dutch city of The Hague. The event raised hopes among the general public and leading figures in the Community, since Pompidou saw this initiative as a way of helping the Community recover from the state of near paralysis from which it had been suffering since General de Gaulle adopted radical positions on certain European issues.

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Source: LANG, Ernst Maria Lang. "EWG-Gipfel. Oben vom Butterberg haben wir eine herrliche Aussicht auf den Zuckerkogel, das Getraidemmassiv und ganz in weiter Ferne auf England." dans Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Zeitung für Deutschland. Frankfurt/Main: FAZ Verlag GmbH. 02.12.1969, n°279, p.3.

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Cartoon by Köhler on the revival of European integration (2 December 1969)