Cartoon on the negotiations concerning the Franco-Saar conventions (March 1953)

‘Negotiations on the conventions — Erwin Müller: “What — is that all you’re bringing me compared with what’s written on the menu!?!”’ In March 1953, the Saar satirical magazine Der Tintenfisch illustrates the astonishment of Erwin Müller, Saar Minister for Justice, at the disappointing results of the negotiations between France and the Saar in the following fields: economic relations, the joint operation of the Saar’s mines, Franco-Saar courts, mutual legal assistance, fiscal and budgetary cooperation and mutual administrative assistance.

Source and copyright

Source: Der Tintenfisch. Das humoristische Blatt des Saarlandes. März 1953, Nr. 5; Jahrgang 6. Saarbrücken: Presse-Verlag GmbH.

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Cartoon on the negotiations concerning the Franco-Saar conventions (March 1953)