Extract from the address given by Jean Monnet (Luxembourg, inaugural session of the High Authority, 10 August 1952)

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In his opening address at the inaugural session of the High Authority on 10 August 1952 in Luxembourg, Jean Monnet, first President of the institution, outlines the differences between the supranational institutions of the ECSC and those of the other European organisations.

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Source: Plan Schuman: ouverture de la première séance de la Haute Autorité de la CECA / Jean Monnet.- Luxembourg: CLT [Prod.], 10.08.1952. CLT-UFA, Luxembourg. - SON (00:01:40, Montage, Son original).
CLT-UFA, 45, Boulevard Pierre Frieden, L-1543 Luxembourg.

Photo: Première session de la Haute Autorité. Mey, Théo. Luxembourg: Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, 1952. Noir et blanc.

Copyright: (c) CLT/UFA

Photo: (c) Théo MEY/ Photothèque Ville de Luxembourg

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The inaugural session of the High Authority (Luxembourg, 10 August 1952)