‘Gaston Vogel: Why I shall vote “No” on 10 July 2005’ from D’Lëtzebuerger Land (28 January 2005)

On 28 January 2005, in an article for the Luxembourg weekly newspaper D’Lëtzebuerger Land, Gaston Vogel, a lawyer at the Luxembourg Bar, comments on the referendum due to be held on 10 July 2005 in Luxembourg for the ratification of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe and outlines his arguments against the text.

Source and copyright

Source: d'Lëtzebuerger Land. Unabhängige Wochenschrift für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur = Hebdomadaire politique, économique et culturel indépendant. 28.01.2005, 52. Jahrgang. Luxembourg: d'Lëtzebuerger Land.

Copyright: (c) D'Letzeburger Land SARL

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