Letter from the Commonwealth Relations Office on association agreements with the European Communities (London, 19 September 1967)

Following the United Kingdom’s second application for accession to the European Communities (EC), in order to prepare for the future cooperation of the Commonwealth countries with the EC, Ken Gallagher from the Commonwealth Relations Office sends Noel Salter from the Commonwealth Secretariat two memoranda on the different types of association agreement with the EC.

Source and copyright

Source: GALLAGHER, Ken. [Letter from F.G.K. Gallagher, Commonwealth Relations Office, to Noel Salter, Commonwealth Secretariat]: Note on the association of dependent territories with an enlarged EEC. 19-09-1967. Kept in: Historical Archives of the European Union. BAC-CEE/CEEA Commissions, BAC-08 DGVIII Développement de l'outre-mer (puis Aide au développement). Relations de la CEE avec le Maghreb : relevé et textes des accords-cadre, coopération financière, résultats des délibérations. Volume 2. 1965, BAC-007/1971_0013.

Copyright: Historical Archives of the European Union

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