Pierre Pflimlin, Mémoires d'un Européen

In his Memoirs, Pierre Pflimlin, former French Agriculture Minister, recalls the objectives which led him to propose to the National Assembly, on 12 June 1950, the Europe-wide organisation of the agricultural market. This plan was later to become known as the ‘green pool’.

Source and copyright

Source: PFLIMLIN, Pierre. Mémoires d'un Européen, de la IVe à la Ve République. Paris: Fayard, 1991. 391 p. ISBN 2-21-302809-5. . page:48-51.

Copyright: "Mémoires d'un Européen, de la IVè à la Vè République" de Pierre Pflimlin (c) Librairie Arthème Fayard, 1991

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