Presidency Conclusions, Göteborg European Council (15 and 16 June 2001)

The Presidency Conclusions of the Göteborg European Council, held on 15 and 16 June 2001, concern the forthcoming enlargement in 2004, sustainable development and issues related to peace and security. The European Council agrees to further the ratification process for the Treaty of Nice so that the European Union may welcome new Member States from the end of 2002, and agrees on a strategy for sustainable development. It highlights the crucial role of the European security and defence policy (ESDP) in preventing conflict and managing crisis, by military and civilian means, and endorses the EU Programme for the Prevention of Violent Conflicts, reaffirming conflict prevention as one of the main objectives of the European Union. The European Council also underscores the significant progress that has been made in creating a successful partnership with the UN in these fields of conflict prevention and crisis management, as well as in matters concerning development cooperation, humanitarian affairs, asylum policies and refugee assistance, and adopts a declaration on the prevention of the proliferation of ballistic missiles.

Source and copyright

Source: European Commission. Presidency Conclusions, Göteborg European Council 15-16 June 2001, SN 200/1/01 REV 1. 23 p.

Copyright: European Union

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