‘The European Community in 1979: the year of the European Parliament’ from 30 Jours d’Europe (December 1979)

In an article in the December 1979 edition of the monthly publication 30 Jours d’Europe, Pascal Fontaine, senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, considers the significance and the results of the first elections to the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage. He also refers to the issues addressed by the European Parliament and the fields in which the European Communities have been involved in the past year.

Source and copyright

Source: 30 jours d'Europe. dir. de publ. Fontaine, François ; RRéd. Chef Chastenet, Antoine. 12.1979, n° 257. Paris: Bureau d'information des Communautés européennes. "La Communauté européenne en 1979", auteur:Fontaine, Pascal , p. 27.

Copyright: Libre reproduction, mention d'origine obligatoire.

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