Judgment of the Court of Justice, Luxembourg/Parliament, Case 108/83 (10 April 1984)

Following the action for annulment brought by the Luxembourg Government v the European Parliament on 10 June 1983, the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC) delivers a judgment declaring that the resolution of the European Parliament of 20 May 1983 ‘on the consequences to be drawn from the European Parliament's adoption, on 7 July 1981, of the Zagari Report’ is void. The European Parliament would have infringed Article 4 of the Decision of 8 April 1965 on the provisional location of certain institutions and departments of the Communities which provides that ‘the General Secretariat of the Assembly and its departments shall remain in Luxembourg’.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Reports of Cases before the Court. 1984. [s.l.]. "Judgment of 10 April 1984, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg v European Parliament, Case 108/83", auteur:Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC) , p. 1945.

Copyright: (c) Court of Justice of the European Union

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