First directive of the steering committee concerning the Conventional Energy Committee (19 July 1955)

On 19 July 1955, the steering committee of the Spaak Committee adopts a directive, following the Messina Conference, in which it tasks the Conventional Energy Committee with examining the possibilities for establishing European cooperation in the area of gas and electricity. The Conventional Energy Committee should coordinate its study with the cooperation initiative on this topic being conducted by the OEEC and also with the activities of the ECSC.

Source and copyright

Source: Comité Intergouvernemental créé par la Conférence de Messine. Comité directeur. Comité Directeur. Directive n° 1 à la Commission de l'Energie classique (approuvé le 19 juillet 1955). 19-07-1955. Document n° 21. Kept in: Archives Nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Instituts internationaux – Institutions spécialisées – Organisations internationales (1900-1984). Comité intergouvernemental créé par la Conférence de Messine (1955-1957.01). Comité directeur, 1955.07-1955.11, AE-07694.

Copyright: (c) ANLux

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