Report from Albert Borschette to Eugène Schaus on the merger of the executive bodies and the seats of the European institutions (15 February 1964)

On 15 February 1964, Albert Borschette, Luxembourg Permanent Representative to the European Communities, sends a report to his Foreign Minister, Eugène Schaus, on Luxembourg’s position regarding the merger of the European executive bodies and the seats of the European institutions. The document describes the economic, material and political impact of the proposed and potential solutions and outlines the approach the Luxembourg Government could adopt on this matter.

Source and copyright

Source: BORSCHETTE, Albert. Le Représentant Permanent auprès des Communautés européennes à Son Excellence Monsieur Eugène Schaus, Ministre des Affaires étrangères à Luxembourg: Fusion des Exécutifs-Implantation des Institutions. 15-02-1964. Kept in: Archives Nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Ambassade du Luxembourg en Allemagne. Ambassade du Luxembourg à Bonn. Ambassade du Luxembourg à Bonn - CEE - siège des institutions européennes, 1953.11-1964.09, AE-AA-700.

Copyright: (c) ANLux

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