The Three Wise Men (Pathé Journal, 22 February 1957)

On 22 February 1957, Pathé Journal (Paris) gives an account of the fact-finding mission undertaken by the Three Wise Men (Louis Armand, Franz Etzel and Francesco Giordani) to the United States and Canada to view certain nuclear installations before finalising their report on the future of nuclear energy in Europe, as requested by the six Member States of the future European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom).

Source and copyright

Source: Marché commun et Euratom- Pathé Journal [Prod.], 22 février 1957. Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen. - (00:32, Montage, Son original).
Pathé Archives, Saint-Ouen, 24, rue du Docteur Bauer - F 93400.

Copyright: (c) Pathé Archives

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