– Born on 20 September 1919 in ‘s-Gravenhage (NL), died on 27 February 2016 in ‘s-Gravenhage

– Nationality: Dutch

– Field Secretary in the United States for the World Student Service Fund (1945–1946)

– Official in the Queen’s Private Office (1947–1950)

– Head of the Germany Division and Director-General for European Affairs in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1950–1952)

– Secretary of the ‘Markets, agreements, transport’ working group at the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) (1953–1956)

– Secretary of the High Authority of the ECSC (1957–1960)

– Secretary-General of the High Authority of the ECSC (1960–1967)

– European Commission Director-General for Foreign Trade (1968–1970)

– Head of the European Commission delegation for negotiations on enlargement of the European Communities (1970–1972)

– European Commission Director-General for External Relations (1973–1976)

– Co-President for Development at the Paris Conference on International Economic Cooperation (1976–1977)

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